Hybrid Micro Assembly

The cornerstone of our company's product range is our command of hybrid micro-assembly

Through our own development programmes and experienced engineers, we are able to ensure that standard operations such as die attachment, wire bonding and lid sealing are completed consistently and reliably. The assembly is based on our own range of custom DIP, flatpack, metal can and LCC packages.

Our expertise is further augmented by our extensive knowledge of optoelectronic and microelectronic components and applications. We specify and design a whole range of enabling devices from LEDs, through to integrated photodetectors. The techniques we use for integrating these optoelectronic devices into the hybrid environment have been developed to allow reliable, high yielding, yet flexible manufacture.

For many customers the foremost requirement has been for us to develop products capable of meeting the exacting electrical and environmental requirements placed on them. This has been achieved through extensive in-house development and evaluation testing, and subsequently verified by approval authorities.

The above activities are, of course, subject to the discipline and control of an approved quality system. This not only regulates manufacture, but through the implementation of appropriate controls, ensures long term continuity by way of disciplined development programmes and structured responses to customer requirements.

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