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About Isocom

Who Are Isocom?

We are an established UK manufacturing company offering optoelectronic and microelectronic components globally. We specialise in designing and testing a wide range of hirel & radhard products. For over three decades, we have supplied high-quality parts to our customers in the space, aerospace, automotive, defence and industry sectors.

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Latching Solid State Relay

How Our Latching Solid State Relays Will Impact The Space Industry?

In the article provided, we discuss why latching solid relays are going to replace mechanical relays and set new standards for electronics in space.

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hirel optoelectronic and microelectronic components

Discover Our Range Of Optoelectronic Components

We offer hirel products which are built to withstand radiation in harsh environments. These include optocouplers, mosfets, solid state relays, emitters, detectors, VCSEL lasers and voltage regulators.

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product packages for product catalogue

Get The Latest Product Catalogue

We are committed to creating products that meet a wide range of applications and specifications. All our solutions are backed by excellent customer service, advanced manufacturing capabilities and high testing and screening standards.

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space heritage features - ISS

Space Heritage Features

Our electronic devices have been selected for prestigious space applications including the International Space Station; Galileo; Glonass; Obzor-O; Luch-H and Pancam Exomars.

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radiation hard optoelectronics report

Radiation Test Reports

Our devices are ideal for isolating electrical circuits for high-radiation deep space applications including satellites; launch vehicles; spacecraft and planetary rovers.

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Quality Approvals Certifications

Quality Approvals

We are an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 approved UK manufacturer for space, aerospace and defence applications. At Isocom we are committed to achieving high quality standards for our customers. We ensure that all our parts are rigorously tested to meet your specifications.

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