Latching Solid State Relays Launch

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Latching Solid State Relays Launch

Isocom’s brand new latching solid state relay will switch a large number of currents up to 60Amps with the additional benefit of positional memory, being on or off, and remaining in the last position until a new signal current forces it to the original position. 

These products will replace mechanical relays and can be used as a single switch with on or off status. In contrast to mechanical relays the latching solid-state relay will use an electronically latching circuit to maintain its position compared with magnetic and mechanical-locking mechanisms.

Isocom CEO Thomas Bayat explained; “Our newly designed solid-state relays will offer our customers better performance in comparison to mechanical relays. The ITAR-free solid-state relays are manufactured in Europe to meet customers’ requirements.” 

The Isocom unique design of a latching solid-state relay uses a much smaller current than many other types of switching devices to activate the switch by isolating the input from the output circuit. The latching solid state relay does not require the continuous application of current to hold its position once actuated by the latching method. 

The solid-state relay is operated by input current of 10 mA to optical relay emittor with isolation of up to 2000 volts. The output voltage can be from 30 volts to 200 volts with operating currents of 3 amps to 60 amps. 

The solid-state relays will be offered as: 

• Single pole-single throw 

• Double pole-double throw 

Our latching relays are suitable for a wide range of applications in the space and aerospace industries including: 

• Power Supplies 

• Solar Panels for Space 

• Automating Control of Motors and Engines 

• Hi-Voltage Engines

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