Radiation Tested

ISOCOM is a specialised manufacturer of radiation hard, high reliability components for the space, aerospace and defence industries.

Our products have undergone radiation testing (Proton Displacement Damage, Total Ionising Dose, and Neutron tests) from various organisations and institutions, including: NASA JPL; ESA; Fraunhofer Institute; BAE Systems; ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD; and others. You can download extracts of these reports below:


Total Ionising Dose Transistor Optocouplers.pdf


Proton Displacement Damage T-HG-HS Optocouplers.pdf  (Transistor, High Gain & High Speed optocouplers)

Fraunhofer Institute

Extracts coming soon...

Co-60 Low Dose-Rate Irradiation Transistor Optocouplers

Neutron Irradiation Transistor Optocouplers


Extract coming soon...

Damage Displacement Test Report Transistor Optocouplers

BAE Systems

Extract coming soon...

Radiation Assessment of ISOCOM T-HS-HGP-HG Optocouplers  (Transistor, High Speed, High Gain Photon & High Gain optocouplers)

Complete versions of all the above radiation test reports are available upon request.  To request an electronic copy please contact us.

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