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Product Spotlight

ISOCOM Presents the Quad Channel CSM 166-4 Optocoupler


The Isocom quad channel CSM 166-4 optocoupler provides radiation tolerant transistor output for space/satellite, high-performance military and hi-rel infrastructure applications. The four channel optocoupler has been tested...

Product Spotlight

CDL400 & CDSML400: Presenting Our Radiation Tolerant Range of Dual Channel Linear Optocouplers


The CDL400 and CDSML400 are hermetically sealed linear optocoupler dual channel devices, consisting of an optically coupled LED with two photodiode detectors with each channel. Package styles for these devices include a 16-Pin DIP package...

Product Spotlight

New Latching Solid State Relays


Isocom’s latching solid state relay will switch a large number of currents up to 60Amps with the additional benefit of positional memory...

Product Spotlight

CHD320 Photovoltaic Optocoupler 


The CHD320’s minimum open voltage (VOC) of 10V, double that of a standard 5-volt device, means only one CHD320 is required to drive the gate of a high voltage power MOSFET. This reduces...

Product Spotlight

Isocom's High Power Mosfet Solid Switch Relays


The new high-current series of MOSFET SWITCH SSR relays from ISOCOM Limited permits non-wearing, silent, reliable switching within the smallest spaces. The  unlimited switching cycles of the MOSFET SWICH SSR...

Product Spotlight

Radiation-Hard CH100 Optocoupler Series Tested for Low Temperature Applications


ISOCOM’s ultra-low profile optocoupler series is capable of operating under the extreme temperatures, from -150oC to +125oC, encountered in low temperature, high-reliability applications. The CH100 and CH101 series combines...


ISOCOM Provide LED Lighting for Radiation Harsh Environments in Accelerator Tunnels


ISOCOM has successfully secured a contract with CERN to assist in the development of an innovative and cost-effective LED lighting solution for accelerator tunnels with high radioactive conditions...


ISOCOM Receives AS9100D and ISO9001 Re-Certification for Space and Aerospace Grade Electronic Components


ISOCOM Limited is a leading UK manufacturer of hermetically sealed, optoelectronic and microelectronic components suitable for space, aerospace, and defence applications. ISOCOM has successfully completed AS9100D...

Product Spotlight

ISOCOM's New Radiation Tolerant Quadrant Photodiode Detector


Quadrant photodiodes are used as critical components in - optical detection; tracking; sun-sensing and displacement measurement systems. They are used for high precision measuring systems, beam centring of laser devices and...

Product Spotlight

ISOCOM's CSM165 & CSM166 Series - Dual & Quad Channel, Radiation Tolerant Optocouplers


The CSM165 and CSM166 are hermetically sealed, radiation hard optically coupled isolators, composed of a Gallium Arsenide infrared emitting diode and a silicon phototransistor. These electronic components are available...

Product Spotlight

The CSM100 Optocoupler Has Been Selected by ESA for PROBA-3 Mission


We are delighted to announce that our CSM100 optocoupler / optoisolator device has been selected and approved by the European Space Agency for use in the PROBA-3 satellite mission. The CSM100 optoisolator...

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