Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Due to the continuous developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to inform you that we are taking the important measures needed to continue business during this time. It is vital to us that we can ensure the safety and health of our team, as well as our customers. 

All staff members have been informed to prioritise washing hands using anti-bacterial soaps or sanitisers and wipe down all surfaces with cleaning products. Packages delivered to our offices are wiped down and sprayed with cleaning products.

Furthermore, our products are manufactured and produced in a clean and hygienic environment where all working surfaces and machinery are cleaned regularly and thoroughly to make certain that our components are fully operational and prevent the spread of germs.

Any members of our team that display any symptoms of the virus will be sent home for two weeks to secure the health of others in the workplace.

We also feel that it is important to address that, due to the ongoing pandemic, our company will no longer be attending some of the upcoming exhibitions that has been advertised on our website and on our social media channels. We apologise for any inconvenience that may fall upon companies and individuals that were hoping to meet and connect with us at these events.

You can still connect with us:

  • Sales and technical enquiries
  • General enquiries
  • T: +44 (0)191 416 6546


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