CSM100 Optocoupler Selected for PROBA-3 Mission


CSM100 Optocoupler Selected for PROBA-3 Mission

ISOCOM Limited specialise in the design, manufacture and testing of high-reliability, radiation hard optoelectronic and microelectronic components that are suitable for defence, aerospace, and space applications.  ISOCOM is an AS9100D and ISO 9001 accredited company based in the United Kingdom.

We are happy to announce that our CSM100 Optocoupler has been tested and selected for ESA’s PROBA-3 satellite mission. The CSM100 is Europe’s first 4-Pin ceramic optically coupled isolator. It is designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh environments encountered by space applications.

To learn more about our involvement with the PROBA-3 Mission, please click here to view our latest Editorial. For further information about the PROBA-3 Mission, please visit their website https://www.esa.int/. For more information about ISOCOM Limited, please email sales@isocom.uk.com.


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