ISOCOM Receive Approval for Design & Manufacturing of Components

Press Release

ISOCOM Receive Approval for Design & Manufacturing of Components

ISOCOM Limited has been certified for the following approval and accreditation's: EN 9100 2016 (AS9100D:2016) and ISO 9001 for a further 3 years up to 2021. ISOCOM Limited has grown and invested in its in-house production with a selection of new products including MOSFET’s, Optocouplers isolator’s, Mosfet switches and High power VCSEL Laser’s for the Space and Aerospace applications market. By redesigning our internal processes, we implemented what we needed to ensure we conformed with the latest version of the aerospace quality approval standards.

James Burtenshaw, ISOCOM Limited’s quality and operations manager said: “We worked with our long standing external quality consultant, Allister Greathead to redesign our process maps and produced new flow and turtle diagrams for our business-critical processes. We also rewrote our Business Management System and incorporated new tiers of quality documentation to cover key processes and forms. Our accreditation provider SGS visited us at the end of February 2018 for our dual audit and added the EN 9100 (AS9100D) requirements. We are very pleased and proud to be awarded this new standard which sits alongside our EN 9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 accreditations.

“This is only the start of the process, as our continuous improvement group is now working on new procedures with new graphics for all our regular processes and we hope to have that whole package in place by the time of our annual audit which will be carried out in December 2018 for the accreditations (AS9100D, ISO 9001).”


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