ISOCOM Announce N & P Channel MOSFETs for Space Applications

Product Information

ISOCOM Announce N & P Channel MOSFETs for Space Applications

ISOCOM has launched its first radiation tolerant MOSFETs based on the proprietary N-channel and P-channel SR technology platform.

These MOSFETs are suited for space grade applications such as DC-DC converters, H Bridge, motor controllers, switching power controllers and bus converters along with many other circuit switching designs to mission-critical applications that require a high operating life of many years.

Designed with low RDS(on) from 10mΩ with a higher drain current of up to 65A, these devices provide better power handling whilst reducing losses in space environment and switching applications.

The devices are also manufactured and designed in several hermetically sealed surface mount ceramic packages to meet the requirements of low weight and size. This is significant in reducing the cost of systems such as high-throughput satellites in LEO and GEO applications.

The devices are tested independently for radiation hard environments and the new packages are available immediately and offer a voltage range of between 20-200V.


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