ISOCOM Announce New CH100 Optocoupler Series

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ISOCOM Announce New CH100 Optocoupler Series

ISOCOM Limited has been successful in developing their smallest profile optocoupler – the CH100 series. The CH100 series are single channel, radiation hard opto-isolators. They are composed of an infrared emitting diode and a silicon phototransistor within a 4-pin surface mount package.

The series has been designed, manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of very low temperatures (operating well below -150°C) that are encountered in harsh environments experienced in space applications. These devices are ideal for use within hybrid applications and can be mounted directly onto a PCB board offering the customer flexibility in their design.

"ISOCOM has expanded its ultra-low profile optocouplers to enable space electronic OEMs to develop smaller and smaller-end devices", said Thomas Bayat, ISOCOM Managing Director. "The CH100 Series meets the needs of aerospace and space electronic devices by combining miniaturisation with rugged and reliable performance."

CH100 & CH101 Series Editorial


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