CSMF800 Schematic

CSMF800 Features

Total Ionizing Dose tested to 1 Mrad(si)

Displacement Damage tested to 3 MEV x 10¹²

Hermetically Sealed

High Isolation Voltage

10-pin Flatpack Package

Low Input Requirements

High Speed – typically 2 MHz


This device is a single channel, hermetically sealed optically coupled isolator.  It is composed of a Gallium Arsenide infrared emitting diode and a silicon phototransistor.

The CSMF800 are being used in environments encountered by space applications. Package styles for this device include 10-pin Flatpack package, with solder dip option available.  These packages have a shield effect to cut off ambient light as they are designed for high density mounting applications.

Absolute maximum ratings, recommended operating conditions, electrical specifications and performance characteristics are identical for all units. Any exceptions, due to packaging variations and limitations, are as noted in the datasheet.

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Part: CSMF800

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