VCSEL Lasers

ISV850-450 Schematic

ISV850-450 Features

10’s of Watts of Peak Power

Intended for pulsed applications

Pulse widths of <10ηs

Duty Cycle <1%

Gaussian Beam profile

Narrow Beam Divergence

Stable wavelength over Temperature

 High Efficiency


ISOCOM has developed a 2D VCSEL array TO based component that is specifically targeted towards use in gesture recognition and 3D camera applications.

The ISV850 series is packaged in a TO-46 can with a 2D VCSEL that is capable of delivering more than 500mW of CW power at room temperature.

The intended use is with short electrical pulses (<10ns) and low duty cycle (<1%) where peak powers can reach 10W.  In pulsed operation, the 2D array emits a Gaussian shaped optical beam and is capable of rise and fall times less than 1ηs.  Please refer to ISOCOM application note AN-2109 entitled “High Power VCSELs for Gesture Recognition” for more information.

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