Voltage Regulators

IS5102 Schematic

IS5102 Features

Extremely Compact 10 Pin Flat pack With Metal Base

Extremely Low Dropout Voltage: 350mV @ 1.5 Amps

Available in +1.5V, +1.7V, +1.9V, +2.5V, +3.3V, +5.0V and +12.0V

TTL Level Enable Pin: Zero Current Shutdown Mode

Reverse Battery and Load Dump Protection

Low Ground Current: 32mA Typical at Full Load

1% Guaranteed Accuracy

Output Current to 1.5 Amps


The IS5102 series voltage regulators are available in +1.5V, +1.7V, +1.9V, +2.5V, +3.3V, +5.0V and +12.0V configurations. All boast ultra-low dropout specifications due to the utilization of a super PNP output pass transistor with monolithic technology. Dropout voltages of 350mV at 1.5 amps are typical in this configuration, which drives efficiency up and power dissipation down. Accuracy is guaranteed with a 1% output voltage tolerance. The series also offers a TTL/CMOS compatible on/off enable function. The IS5102 series is packaged in a space efficient 10 pin ceramic flat pack with a built in metal base.

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